June Regional Grading Examinations

June Regional Grading Examinations

Saturday 26th June at two separate venues  as below:

Welwyn Garden City
Ridgeway Academy Sports Centre, Herns Lane.
AL7 2AF.

Access the entrance and car park via 
APPLETREE WAY off Hearns Lane.

Wodson Park Sports Centre, Wadesmill Road.
SG12 0UQ
For clubs:
Bricket Wood, Hatfield, Henlow Mon, Henlow Tues, Stevenage & Welwyn Garden City
For clubs:
Bassingbourn, Buntingford, Cheshunt, Melbourn, Hertford, Hoddesdon, Royston, Ware & Watton-at-Stone
From 1pm
From 1.30pm
CURRENT BeltStart timeCURRENT BeltStart time
Kamaete Kubs1pmKamaete Kubs1.30pm
White belts & all Brown belts1pmWhite belts & all Brown belts1.45pm
Blue belts and Red belts1pmBlue belts and Red belts2.30pm
Orange and Orange with Yellow stripe2pmOrange and Orange with Yellow stripe2.45pm
Yellow & Yellow with Green stripe2pmYellow & Yellow with Green stripe3pm
Green & Green with Purple stripe2.30pmGreen & Green with Purple stripe3.15pm
Purple and Purple with 1 or 2 white stripes2.30pmPurple and Purple with 1 or 2 white stripes3.30pm
Please arrive no earlier than 15 mins prior to the start time based on your current grade. 

Spectators will not be permitted.