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live online Training

Live online classes are still running for some club venues. Please refer to the below table for up to date information on when clubs resume in person training.

If you have not attended the previous online sessions and would like to attend, email admin@kstsk.co.uk to secure your place



When class training resumes at club venues

We have performed a comprehensive assessment of risk at each venue including planned adaptations to ensure our Karate classes can resume safely and within venue policy. One critical aspect will be the need to exercise appropriate social distancing before, during and after each class. In line with the latest guidelines, we are requesting that children are dropped off with their instructor and parents remain outside the venue during the class as no spectators will be permitted.

Rakesh Patel and Peter Khera

NAKMAS Covid-19 Compliance Certificate Rakesh Patel
NAKMAS Covid-19 Compliance Certificate  Peter Khera

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Clubs starting back in December

Bassingbourn - Wed 2nd Dec
Hoddesdon - Sun 6th Dec
Bricket Wood - Fri 4th Dec
Melbourn - Sun 6th Dec
Buntingford - TBC
Royston Wed - 2nd Dec (at temporary venue see below)
Broxbourne & Cheshunt - TBC
Royston Sun - 6th Dec (usual venue)
Hatfield - Sun 6th Dec
Stevenage - Sun 6th Dec
Henlow Mon - Mon 7th Dec
Ware - Sun 6th Dec (at temporary venue see below)
Henlow Tues - TBC
Watton-at-Stone - Fri 4th Dec
Hertford - Thur 3rd Dec (at temporary venue see below)
Welwyn GC - Wed 2nd Dec

Hertford class resumes at: Wodson Park Sports Centre, Wadesmill Road, Ware. SG12 0UQ.
Royston Weds class resumes at: the Sports Centre at Bassingbourn Village College, South End, Bassingbourn, Nr Royston. Herts. SG8 5NJ.
Ware class resumes at: Ware Drill Hall, 17 Amwell End, Ware. SG12 9HP.

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Fill in the form and you will be contacted back to secure your place at your chosen club location.

Once booked in please arrive 10 mins before the start time. Loose clothing is ideal (jogging bottoms & T-shirt) and bring a drink. You will be greeted by the club instructor who will run through a pre training questionnaire with you as well as answer any questions you have. Your lesson starts with a warm up and stretch. Then you will try out some basic Karate techniques (punches, blocks and stances) and then finish with some strengthening exercises and a cool down. We look forward to welcoming you to your KSTSK club!


Some benefits of KSTSK Karate training

Increased self-control, confidence, concentration and focus. Excellent exercise for strength, fitness and flexibility. Avoidance of conflict through awareness. Our social events foster great friendships. A progressive, participative pastime the whole family can enjoy together. A good foundation for self-protection principles. Both team and individual based training. Karate training can help in the other sporting activities e.g. football, rugby, tennis, athletics, dance & gymnastics... All ages of both sexes can mix and train. A great release from everyday stresses and strains.


Bassingbourn | Bricket Wood | Broxbourne | Buntingford | Cheshunt | Hatfield | Henlow | Hertford | Hoddesdon | Melbourn | Royston | Stevenage | Ware | Watton | Watton-at-Stone | Welwyn Garden City | Welwyn | WGC

Grading Syllabus Movie clips

Professionally produced demonstration movie clips of the techniques (basics, sparring & forms) required for all KSTSK grades from beginner to black belt. IMPORTANT! Please see section below for instructions on how to view purchased video clips. PayPal account required for purchase.

How to view purchased Movie clips

Step 1. Once you have purchased your movie clip click on the login icon located at the top of the website.

Step 3. A personal unique code will be emailed to you within a few minutes. Enter the code and press "login".

Step 5. Navigate to the movie clip you purchased and play directly via your website session.

Step 2. Enter the email address you used to purchase your movie clip and press "request login code".

Step 4. Once logged in, your email initial appears in place of the login icon at top of the website.

Last few copies of the KSTSK grading syllabus on DVD still available!

Professionally produced on 4 discs covering all grades from beginner to black belt

Sensei Rakesh Patel and Sensei Peter Khera demonstrate all the KIHON (basics), KUMITE (sparring) and KATA (forms) required for all grades to black belt. The easy to navigate menu allows optimal viewing from multiple camera angles - with bonus footage! Only £29.99

News & Events

December Regional Grading Examinations

Saturday 12th December 2020 at two separate regional venues: Welwyn Garden City and Ware.

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2021 Spring Dan grade examinations

Spring Dan grade examinations will be held on Sunday 7th March 2021 at Ridgeway Academy (Sir Frederic Osborn School), Herns Lane, Welwyn Garden City. AL7 2AF.

Learn More

2021 March Grading Examinations

The first regional grading examination in 2021 is on Saturday 20th March at Herts Sports Village, Hatfield. From 1pm to 5pm.

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2021 June Grading Examinations

Saturday 26th June 2021 at Herts Sports Village, Hatfield. From 1pm to 5pm.

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2021 September Grading Examinations - TBC

Saturday 25th September 2021 at Herts Sports Village, Hatfield. From 1pm to 4pm.

Learn More

2021 December Grading Examinations - TBC

Saturday 11th December 2021 at Herts Sports Village, Hatfield. From 1pm to 5pm.

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Blue Belt

KSTSK Blue Belt (10th Kyu) syllabus

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Red Belt

KSTSK Red Belt (9th Kyu) syllabus

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Orange Belt

KSTSK Orange Belt (8th Kyu) syllabus

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Yellow Belt

KSTSK Yellow Belt (7th Kyu) syllabus

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Green Belt

KSTSK Green Belt (6th Kyu) syllabus

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Purple Belt

KSTSK Purple Belt (5th Kyu) syllabus

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Purple & White Belt

KSTSK Purple & White Belt (4th Kyu) syllabus

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Brown Belt

KSTSK Brown Belt (3rd Kyu) syllabus

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Brown & White Belt

KSTSK Brown & White Belt (2nd Kyu) syllabus

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Brown & Red Belt

KSTSK Brown & Red Belt (1st Kyu) syllabus

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All grades from Blue belt to Brown & Red belt

All grades from Blue belt to Brown & Red belt

KSTSK all kyu grades (blue belt to brown red belt) syllabus

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1st, 2nd and 3rd Dan black belt

1st, 2nd and 3rd Dan black belt

KSTSK 1st, 2nd & 3rd Dan black belt syllabus

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The Kamaete Schools of Traditional Shotokan Karate (KSTSK) is headed by chief instructors Rakesh Patel 6th Dan and Peter Khera 6th Dan.

Rakesh and Peter started their Karate journey as young children in the mid 1980's. They trained at their local club in Letchworth and regularly visited other clubs in the association. They graded to black belt in their teens. Peter established his first club in Hertford (1994) and Rakesh in Hatfield (1996).

Through their hard work, passion and diligence, together Rakesh and Peter founded KSTSK in 2005. KSTSK has grown organically and now comprises a great team of fully qualified instructors and black belts across fifteen clubs providing the highest standard of Karate tuition for all students; children, teens and adults alike.

KSTSK - a tradition in Karate excellence.

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Extended DVD footage exclusively for the KSTSK website!

A collection of video clips compiled from footage professionally filmed during the original syllabus DVD shoot. This compilation is not included on the DVD set.